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The Practising the Piano Online Academy is the ultimate online resource for pianists and teachers, featuring a comprehensive and growing library of the best teaching and insights from renowned pedagogues.


  • Expert teachers – Learn from our panel of experts who have been selected for their pedagogical expertise on subjects including effective practising, piano technique, repertoire, teaching the piano, sight-reading, healthy playing and more.
  • Extensive and expanding library – Draw upon a library of unparalleled breadth and depth with over a thousand (and growing!) articles, videos and other resources.
  • Content access features – Use a variety features to find the content you need to support you, including browsing by topics, various search options, a "wizard" and structured courses which provide guided pathways through our materials.
  • Online events and workshops – Participate in interactive workshops, submit your questions for our regular, live "practice clinic" and get discounts on our online events.
  • Value-added resources – Download eBooks and annotated study editions (annual subscription option only) and enrol in our email micro-course on effective practising.


The Online Academy's extensive collection of online resources will help you to:

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Frequently asked questions

What types of content and resources are featured?

The Online Academy features a variety of different types of content depending on the topic that is being covered, including video lessons, masterclasses and demonstrations, walk-throughs of works in the repertoire, annotated scores and worksheets.

What format is the content in?

Our content is presented in a range of formats, including videos, text articles with accompanying images and video clips, printable worksheets and editions, and downloadable eBooks.

Where can I see a listing of the Online Academy content?

A full index of our online content is available here or click here to browse by topic. Annual subscriptions to the Online Academy include additional eBook and edition downloads (more information on subscription options is available here).

How often is your content updated?

Although we don’t have a fixed update schedule, we add new content usually every week or two depending on the size of each project. We have an ongoing production schedule and therefore are always creating new content!

Does your site cater for beginners?

The Online Academy has many resources that will be of value to beginners and pianists at the elementary level. However, our site assumes that you have at least some experience in playing as our content is not intended for complete beginners who have never played before.

Is your site an alternative for lessons with a teacher?

No, our site is intended to serve as a complement to lessons with a teacher and we recommend one-to-one lessons wherever possible. However, many of our subscribers (particularly amateur adults returning to playing) do use our site for guidance as part of a self-study programme.

How are your authors selected?

Although many of our authors and contributors are accomplished performers in their own right, they have primarily been selected for their expertise and reputations as outstanding teachers. We believe that teaching the piano is a highly specialised skill and not always directly correlated to virtuosity as a performer.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual subscription options?

The monthly subscription option is £13.99 per month and gives access to all our online content. The annual subscription is £119.99 per year and includes additional eBooks and downloads. Please click here for more information on subscription options.

What are the downloads included with the annual subscription option?

The annual subscription includes the Practising the Piano Multimedia eBook series in four parts, the Annotated Study Edition bundle and the complete collection of From the Ground Up editions.

Do I have to subscribe to access your content or are there other purchase options available?

Although our subscription options represent the best value for money, we do offer selected lessons from our library and various eBooks and editions for once-off purchase from our store.

Do you support gift purchases?

Yes, a selection of our products, including subscriptions of differing lengths can be purchased as gifts from our store.

What payment methods to do support?

We support most major credit and debit / bank cards and can also offer PayPal purchases for selected products by invoice (please contact us if you are interested in making a purchase with PayPal).

Do you support multiple currencies?

We support payments in GBP, USD and EURO on our store for once-off purchases, but don’t currently offer subscriptions in currencies other than GBP. However, we do provide links that will give you an approximate conversion into your local currency and most credit or bank cards will perform the conversion automatically for you.

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"Unlike some other online courses I’ve seen, which promise more than they deliver, this excellent website offers detailed advice and information that’s comprehensive and easy to follow ...highly recommended!"

— Owen Mortimer, editor International Piano

The Online Academy is packed with information which simply wasn't available to me despite majoring in piano performance at university. Graham's articles on pedaling and Penelope Roskell's approach to healthy playing are just some of the resources I wish I had access to!

— Amateur pianist

As a piano teacher I am always wanting to improve both my teaching content but also my own personal growth. Being incredibly busy as so many of us are, I don't have time to take private lessons myself so this is an absolute Godsend for me. Thank you for all of your hard work. You've definitely filled a niche!

— Piano teacher

The Online Academy is a wonderful source to go to in times of confusion, it encourages you to think about new ways of study, supports your interest in all things piano and is full of exciting general information about the world of music. Thank you all so much for the work and dedication that goes into this brilliant resource!

— Conservatory student

This is an invaluable resource for teachers and students. I like the 'bite-size' approach of the walk-through process.

— Piano teacher

I really needed the inspiration and knowledge and guidance i have received from the academy. I really hope the available material continues to grow. I can not emphasise enough how much I have learned and enjoyed this, and been inspired.

— Adult amateur

The most professional piano related site I've found to date!

— University professor

The Academy is a treasure trove of enormously helpful material thoughtfully presented by excellent teachers and pianists. Thank you so much for this stellar resource and for your willingness to listen to user feedback!

— Adult beginner