From the Ground Up - Complete Series Bundle

From the Ground Up is a series devoted to learning individual pieces using outlines and reduced scores. Each edition uses a reduced score that strips away the surface detail to reveal the essential structure of the music. This structure is reassuringly simple and allows you to see and hear the fundamental lines and divisions of the music with ease.

In successive scores, more detail is gradually added so that we work on different layers of the music independently, rather than attempting to negotiate them all at once. Practising in this way helps you retain a sense of the long line, and of how details fit into the larger picture. This is essentially learning a piece from from the ground up, rather than from the top down.

Practising from the ground up is not only efficient, but also facilitates greater creativity as you will begin to see the underlying structure of the music without the reduced scores. This perception enables you to memorise music more consciously and to derive interpretative ideas from the understanding of it, making you more free and confident in performance.

This discount bundle includes PDF editions for the following works:

From the Ground Up - Chopin Nocturne in E-Flat (Op. 9 No. 2)

From the Ground Up - Schumann Album for the Young No. 30

From the Ground Up - Bach Prelude in D Minor (BWV 935)

From the Ground Up - Grieg Arietta (Lyric Pieces Op. 12 No. 1)

From the Ground Up - JS Bach Little Prelude in F

From the Ground Up - Schumann Foreign Lands

From the Ground Up - Beethoven Sonatina in G (Mvt 1)

From the Ground Up - Beethoven Sonatina in G (Mvt 2)

From the Ground Up - Chopin Waltz in E-Minor (Op. Posth.)

From the Ground Up - Mozart Sonata in G, K283 (1st mvt)

From the Ground Up - Song Without Words (Op. 19b, No. 1)

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