Playing Together - Etiquette and Tips for Duet Playing

Duets for Similar Parts

The following are some of our suggestions for duets with similar parts:


Alfred Contest Winners

4 books of Original Piano Duets

(Grades 1-4, each book going up in level)

A fun collection of sometimes jazzy, sometimes folky cheerful pieces for children, written by U.S. composers known to the ‘Alfred’ following.

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library (from Beginners up) – lots of hits from the shows.

Early books have easy-on-the-eye large notation and arrangements are good.

Elias Davidsson

The Red Carousel Duets (Beginners to Grades 4-5)

Interesting harmonies. Easiest piece Chinese Dragon Festival, all on black keys.

Spartan Press

M. Campbell-Bruce

6 Dance Duets (Grades 1-2)

Dances from different parts of the world, very attractive.

Martha Mier

Jazz, Rags and Blues Duet book 2 (Grades 3-4)

Very attractive, pupils need a good sense of rhythm. Some with equal secondo part but more needs teacher rather than student on secondo.


Monika Twelsiek

A Treasure Chest of Duos (Grades 1-7, either primo or secondo) & Duets for Fun

A full collection of original and arranged pieces right through the centuries. Some with 2 easy parts some for teacher and pupil, some for 2 teachers or players. Super value!


Adam Carse

Progressive Duets, Vols 1 and 2 (Grades 3-5 both players)

Tunes for Two, Easy Festival Duets Book

Nice and tuneful, traditional style, not jazzy. Also suitable for adult learners.

Hal Leonard

The Joy of Piano Duets arr. Denes Agay (Grade 3 upwards)

Packed with good things!

Chris Norton

Microjazz for several levels. Need/lead to good rhythm.

Boosey & Hawkes

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