Playing Together - Etiquette and Tips for Duet Playing

Duets for One Easy Part and a Teacher

The following are some of our suggestions for duets with one easy part and a teacher (harder) part:

Gerard Hengeveldt

10 Folk and Rhythmical Dances (All primo in 5 note position RH / LH same and octave apart)

Excellent music, with teacher/secondo part-which needs practise!-adding a lot of flair.

Broekmans and Van Poppel, Netherlands

Anton Diabelli

Melodious Exercises op.149 (Most primo in 5 note positionRH/LH same and octave apart, some pieces with primo a little harder but all geared to beginners/early level)

An old favourite to many teachers, excellent fun while being harmonically traditional. Also can be effective for older pupil/younger pupil, or siblings. A ‘must have’ in any teacher’s library.

Schott, Peters, Alfred, Hal Leonard and others

Pauline Hall

Piano Time Jazz Duets, Books 1 + 2 (primo part Grade 1-4)

Mostly secondo part harder than primo but 1 or 2 pieces for similar parts. Catchy tunes!


Martha Mier

Jazz, Rags and Blues Duet book 2 (Grades 3-4) also check other books by her and several other duet books via Alfred.

Very attractive, pupils need a good sense of rhythm. Some with equal secondo part but more need teacher rather than student on secondo.

Matyas Seiber

Easy Dances (primo part Grades 1-5, some secondo parts also possible for students)

Very attractive, contrasting dances with super opening Tango. Two jazzy Foxtrots. Some dances with equal secondo part but more need teacher rather than student on secondo. Superb composer/arranger, good quality music. Also fun for teachers to play.


Monika Twelsiek

A Treasure Chest of Duos (Grades 1-7, either primo or secondo)

A full collection of original and arranged pieces right through the centuries. Some with 2 easy parts some for teacher and pupil, some for 2 teachers or players.Super value!


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