Impromptus D899 (Op. 90)

Impromptu in E-Flat Major - Walkthrough (3)

Bars 24 - 27

  1. The music now becomes harmonically and melodically richer as Schubert moves into E flat minor, using a chord progression based on a full descending fifth sequence (the bass line is E flat - A flat - D flat - G flat - C flat - F - B flat - E flat).
  2. It is common for players to misread the RH of this section. Check each note against the key signature and ensure accidentals are maintained throughout the bar. To keep the ear on the top melody line in bars 26, 28, 30 and 32-4, add a small crescendo to the rising broken chord on the first beats. Even though the lower voice needs to be played ppp leggiero, appreciate the new harmonic touch on the third beat as Schubert adds a passing seventh to the chord. Pedal very lightly (the third beat will probably need a pedal adjustment).
  3. In the RH in bars 26, 28, etc., adding small circular arm movements to the finger work helps to make rising broken chord patterns feel controlled and comfortable. The movement is anti-clockwise (down and round to the right).

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