The Piano Teachers' Course

The PTC UK is specifically for pianists and piano teachers who wish to enhance their professional teaching skills, come together for inspiration and become part of a motivated & supportive musical network. Click here for further information or browse our online modules and content below (Please note that further information on accreditation is available here (external link)).

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Lessons & Collections

Piano Technique Lecture Series

Video lecture series from the Piano Teachers' Course on piano technique by Graham Fitch with a particular emphasis on teaching beginners.
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Teaching Beginners

This video series based on material from the Piano Teachers' Course shows how to make the early lessons purposeful, musical and enjoyable with real lesson excerpts to bring it all to life.
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Anyone Can Improvise!

Dedicated to helping everyone play the music they love and long to play, Lucinda Mackworth-Young introduces her step-by-step system for learning to play by ear and improvise, so that even classically trained piano players can play spontaneously, anywhere, anytime!
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Practical Psychology for Teaching and Learning

Based on lectures from the Piano Teachers' Course, these video lectures by Lucinda Mackworth-Young provide psychological insight and understanding, and practical tips, to help piano teachers with their pupils.
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The Practice Tools Lecture Series

Video lecture series exploring various practice tools that will help pianists of any level get the most out of their time spent practising.
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Making Progress with Beginners

In these video lectures based on the Piano Teachers' Course, Ilga Pitkevica shares effective strategies for making quick progress with developing sight reading, teaching scales and building the foundations of speed with beginners.
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Foundations of Good Technique

This collection of video lectures by Ilga Pitkevica show how teaching good pianistic habits and ease of movements and tackling problems caused by lack of flexibility help avoid tension and develop both speed and precision from the start.
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Playing Together - Etiquette and Tips for Duet Playing

In these videos, based on content from the Piano Teachers’ Course, Beate Toyka and Masayuki Tayama provide a demonstration of the “do’s and don’ts” of duet playing using Mozart’s Five Variations K501 as a practical example.
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PTC Online - Complete Bundle

Complete collection of online modules based on the Piano Teachers' Course, featuring advice on practising, technique, improvisation, practical psychology, teaching beginners and more!
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Upcoming Events

Piano Teachers' Course Live (Dec 2022) - Combined Ticket

Series of online workshops featuring presentations on psychology, the new ABRSM syllabus and technique

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