Finding Effortless Speed

…by deconstructing the scale!

William Westney demonstrates his unique approach to scales for pianists of all levels which uses a simple exercise that can be applied to any fast passage in the repertoire.... Read >>

Inside Bartok's Mikrokosmos

In this video series, William Westney illustrates in detail why Bartok's Mikrokosmos has long been his indispensable, uniquely effective “power tool” as a teacher. Always refreshing musically, it hones the skills of pianists from beginners to pre-professionals.... Read >>

William Westney Learning pieces

The Body - Wiser than the Mind?

When we make music we experience fascinating integration of body and mind. As essential as it is to master certain well-defined skills (just as athletes do) there can also be moments when we manage to "get out of our own way" – and everything seems to fall into place beautifully.... Read >>

William Westney Practising

Luxuriant Piano Playing

A Wellness Philosophy and Practice

In these excerpts from his presentation at NCKP 2021, William Westney shows that whether we are concert performers or beginners, we can all luxuriate in free-flowing, generous, comfortable, unfettered, and unforced movements that “feel great” at the piano.... Read >>

William Westney Practising

Practising for Long-Term Results

In this video, William Westney demonstrates a remarkably easy technique for mind and body to truly “digest” (and remember) what we’ve practised.... Read >>

William Westney Practising

Warm-Ups Revisited

A Body / Mind Approach

In this two-part video lecture, William Westney re-thinks warm-ups and demonstrates an effortless process that takes only a few minutes to ensure successful daily practice.... Read >>

William Westney Practising