Intermezzo in A Major (Op. 118 No. 2)

Fantasy Analysis

This collection of videos provides an imaginative, personal narrative on the interpretation of Brahms’s nostalgic Intermezzo in A Major, examining the work section by section and focussing on feelings, ideas and colours.... Read >>

Graham Fitch Learning pieces Brahms

Sonata Pathétique in C Minor

(Op. 13)

If you have ever struggled with Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata, this series of 11 videos is designed to help you solve some of the main technical and interpretative problems the work poses so that you will be better able to bring out the drama and intensity of the music as you... Read >>

Graham Fitch Learning pieces Beethoven

An Overview of the Practice Tools

This series of articles serves as an introduction to Graham Fitch’s practice tools, including how to approach a new piece and the Three Ss.... Read >>

Graham Fitch Practising Practice tools