Read Ahead - Level 1

Day 2

Touch exercise: Warm-up for Which Way?

The lines in the lower staff mean that the left hand copies the right hand. They help you to read shapes rather than individual notes.

Memory Exercise

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Which Way? (Travis Hardaway)

Play this piece again, this time in normal notation, letting your eyes skim over the repeating parts.

Follow the Leader (Louis Köhler)

When both hands play the same melody, you only need to read one line. Before you start, decide which line you are going to look at.

Variation on Follow the Leader

Play the same piece again, transposed to A minor:

Hommage à Bartók (Travis Hardaway)

This piece is in the Lydian mode. After you have played it as written, play it again changing the B’s to B-flat and compare the sound.


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