25 Easy and Progressive Etudes (Op. 100)


Friedrich Burgmüller (1806 – 1874) was a German pianist and composer who moved to Paris at the age of 26 and settled there. In addition to light salon music, he wrote three sets of études for young pianists.

Burgmüller’s 25 Easy and Progressive Études, Op. 100 have been a mainstay of elementary étude repertoire for many generations - and deservedly so. Like all great études, the study of technique merges with attention to quality of sound and a musical purpose. The musical content of these pieces is on a level with the technical challenges they pose, so that the listener would not necessary realise they have any didactic focus whatsoever. Because each has its own descriptive title, the études inspire imagination and characterisation in the player, elevating the works to the status of real music (as opposed to the dry and boring studies that are so often the diet of pianists). I cannot imagine any young pianist or elementary player who would not immediately engage with this charming set of études, or benefit from learning them.

As the title suggests the études are progressive in their difficulty, ranging from approximately ABRSM grade II at the start to approximately grade V by the end. A good plan with études in general is to learn them, master them and continue to play them on a regular basis (much as you would do with any form of physical exercise). As you go along, you will amass a repertoire of études you can draw on as part of your daily practice. It is a good plan to choose three or four to practise for a week or so, and then move to others so you don’t get bored.

Series index

  1. La Candeur (Openness) in C Major
  2. L’Arabesque (Arabesque) in A Minor
  3. La Pastorale (Pastoral) in G Major
  4. La Petite Réunion (The Little Party) in C Major
  5. Innocence in F Major
  6. Progrès (Progress) in C Major
  7. Le Courant Limpide (The Clear Little Stream) in G Major
  8. La Gracieuse (Gracefully) in F Major
  9. La Chasse (Hunting Song) in C Major
  10. Tendre Fleur (Tender Flower) in D Major
  11. La Bergeronnette (The Wagtail) in C Major
  12. L'Adieu (Farewell) in A Minor
  13. Consolation in C Major
  14. La Styrienne (Styrian Dance) in G Major
  15. Ballade in C Minor
  16. Douce Plainte (Gentle Complaint) in G Minor
  17. La Babillarde (The Chatterbox) in F Major
  18. Inquiétude (Restlessness) in E Minor
  19. Ave Maria in A Major
  20. La Tarentelle in D Minor
  21. L’Harmonie des Anges (The Music of the Angels) in G Major
  22. Barcarolle in A-flat Major
  23. Le Retour (The Return) in E-flat Major
  24. L'Hirondelle (The Swallow) in G Major
  25. La Chevaleresque (Trotting or "The Spirit of Chivalry") in C Major

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