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Ken Johansen is on the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory, where he teaches keyboard skills, including sight-reading, keyboard harmony, and score reading, to piano majors. Johansen holds degrees from Peabody and from the University of North Texas, and trained extensively in the pedagogical tradition of Nadia Boulanger in Paris. He has given concerts and lectures across the U.S. and France and has written articles for American Music Teacher, Piano Journal, Clavier, and Piano and Keyboard. He is one of the co-inventors of Read Ahead, a piano sight-reading app for the iPad.

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Schumann - Von fremden Ländern und Menschen (from Kinderszenen) Bach - Little Prelude in F (from the Notebook for Wilhelm Friedrich Bach) Beethoven - Sonatina in G (first movement and second movement) Grieg -... Read >>

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Glossary of Practise Methods

These practise methods are used throughout the editions and walkthroughs in the From the Ground Up series, but can be applied in different ways to virtually any piece. Count and Conduct Counting aloud while playing is of course a time-honored practise technique. It requires a certain level... Read >>

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Walkthrough (3)

One passage remains to be discussed – the short cadenza three bars before the end. If you find that your fingers trip over each other in this repeated figure, a simple mental regrouping of the notes may help. Try imagining that the beat is on the C-natural rather than on... Read >>

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