Read Ahead - Level 3

Day 2

Memory Exercise

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Warm-up for Andante

Play this sequence (descending pattern of chords) without looking down at your hands. Feel the common notes (shown with horizontal lines) as you move from chord to chord.

Waltz (Cornelius Gurlitt)

Before sight-reading this piece, practice the left hand in measures 13-16, and look closely at the chord in measures 18, 22, and 26. Can you name this chord?

Variation on Waltz

Before you begin, play through the piece silently, touching the notes without sounding them. Notice how the fingering changes in the new key.

Andante (Johann Christian Bach)

Try to see each measure of this piece as a chord, as in today’s Touch exercise.

Canon in B-Flat (Konrad Max Kunz)

Notice how the melody in the left hand is the same as the right hand, only one measure later.

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