A Guide to the ABRSM Syllabus (2023 - 2024)

Farrenc - Mouvement de valse (No. 15 from 25 études faciles, Op. 50)

ABRSM Grade 4 - A2

This graceful waltz is a study in lightness of touch (leggiero), both in the right hand figuration and in the left hand accompaniment. The extended semiquaver passagework requires careful consideration of the keyboard choreography involved, as well as suitable practice methods to create a sound that is even yet contoured. This piece offers a good opportunity to explore how a composer uses standard harmonic progressions to form phrase structures.

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Resources & links

  • This piece is available for digital download individually from the ABRSM shop here or in print as part of the Piano Exam Pieces 2023 & 2024 Grade 4 publication here.
  • Click here to view open domain editions for this work.

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