ABRSM Initial Grade - Piano Exam Pieces


The following video is a preview with a few tips and suggestions for a piece from each of the three repertoire lists for the grade:

The full video walk-throughs for all of the prescribed pieces are available through the following links:

List A

  1. D. Parke - A Marching Tune (No.1 from Tunetime)
  2. M. Praetorius (arr. Jones) - Gavotte in G (from Terpsichore)
  3. Trad. English (arr. Blackwell) - This Old Man

List B

  1. Adair - The Lost Bone (No. 9 from Little Dog Tales)
  2. June Armstrong - Under the Acacia Tree (from Safari)
  3. Bartók - Dialogue (from First Term at the Piano)

List C

  1. Alan Bullard - Dodgems (from Party Time! On Holiday)
  2. Nikki Iles - The Elephant Parade
  3. Loudová - Medvídek Ušáček (No.1 from Pohádky na dobrou noc)

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