Tuning In: Practical Psychology for Musicians

Tuning In is for all instrumental and singing teachers who teach individually or in groups.

It combines relevant and accessible psychology with a wealth of practical music teaching and performing experience, so that you can deepen your understanding of why pupils do and don’t learn, how they learn, and how best to help them.

It will help you improve your relationship with pupils, motivate them to practise, and prepare them (and you!) for secure and anxiety-free performances. It will also help you develop and maintain a good working relationship with pupils’ parents.

In particular, it spells out the intuitive processes which underlie all good teaching and performing, so that these processes can be used with conscious intent, to greater effect.

The book can be read straight through, used as a resource, or studied as a course.

“A real eye-opener: Every music teacher should read this book!”

“My nightmare pupils improved overnight!”

“Shed new light and transformed my career!”

Lucinda Mackworth-Young (MAPsychEd GTCL) is a renowned pedagogue, a pioneer of psychology for musicians and an experienced concert pianist and teacher.

Well known for her informative and entertaining approach, she lectures internationally, gives workshops, and is the Director of the UK’s leading Piano Teachers’ Course, EPTA UK. She also provides course work for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, the Incorporated Society of Musicians, the European Piano Teachers’ Association and In-Service Teacher Training.

She has had research, numerous articles and chapters published in British and American music teaching magazines and journals, and her book Piano by Ear: Learn to play by ear, improvise and accompany songs in simple steps, was published by Faber Music in 2015. Aimed at enabling everyone to play the piano spontaneously -and say “Yes!” when asked to play Happy Birthday, it was finalist in the Best Print Resource category of the Music Teachers Awards for Excellence, 2016. Click here to view Lucinda’s full profile on the Practising the Piano Online Academy.

Formats: Printable PDF and various eBook formats with links to downloadable worksheets for printing.

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Practical Psychology for Teaching and Learning

Based on lectures from the Piano Teachers' Course, these video lectures by Lucinda Mackworth-Young provide psychological insight and understanding, and practical tips, to help piano teachers with their pupils.
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