Elementary Technique - Introduction & Basics


My attitude to technique is based on using movements that are most natural to the body – movements that are free, loose and feel good. It is most important that we are in touch with the sensations as we play - our feet in contact with the ground, the freedom in the legs and thighs, the support from the piano stool, mobility in the torso, looseness in the shoulders and arm and not least the absence of tension from our wrists, hands and fingers. Touching the keyboard can feel delicious and sensual, it should never feel tight or awkward.

The following series of videos explores these natural movements from the very start of our journey at the keyboard. I hope they will be useful for adult re-starters, teachers, and anyone experiencing physical tension at the piano. If you feel the need to go back to basics to reset your connection to the keyboard, the exercises I show you here will certainly be of help – a sort of pianistic health check.

While it is possible to learn much from instructional videos, they are not intended as a substitute for a teacher. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player who feels the need for some fresh ideas and more input, find a qualified teacher with a proven track record of success who makes you feel supported on your piano journey.

The areas covered in this module are as follows:

  • Posture and sitting position
  • Hand position and use of the thumb
  • Dropping into the keyboard and balancing on a finger
  • Whole-arm touches
  • Wrist hinge
  • Forearm bounce
  • Legato touch – the drop-roll slur

Resources & links

  • Click here to view Graham Fitch's video lecture series on elementary technique.
  • Click here to view Ilga Pitkevica's Foundations of Good Technique.
  • Click here to view the next module in the Online Academy's technique library on the fundamentals of playing scales and arpeggios.
  • Practising the Piano Multimedia eBook Series - Part 2 (Mastering Piano Technique) - click here to download if you already own it or click here to purchase from our store.

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