Fantasie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor (Op. 66)

Walkthrough (4)

How to Mange the 4:3 Polyrhythm

The 4:3 polyrhythm is the probably the biggest single challenge when putting the Fantasie-Impromptu hands together. There is nothing wrong with practising it slowly (you would have to know exactly how the notes line up between the two hands) but I do not feel it is the best way to master the polyrhythm. In this video I offer a simple yet extremely effective exercise to develop the coordination for the polyrhythm, with the aid of a metronome to keep a steady beat. I also demonstrate an intermediary stage where we play the RH together with a skeleton LH (the places where the hands synchronise), aiming for Bachian clarity and precision with no pedal. This type of practice is not only useful at the start of the learning stages, but very good to return to on occasion to keep a check on accuracy. Work on RH, work on LH, work on the skeleton version, and work on the simple exercise before you apply it to the piece.

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