Fantasie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor (Op. 66)

Walkthrough (1)

Technical Deconstruction (RH Bars 1-13)

This video looks at the importance of thinking of the RH as a melodic line, adding shape, contours and timings in the slow practice. In order to play the piece fast, the RH needs to stay close to the keys. We use lateral adjustments in the wrist, aligning the arm behind the finger that is playing at any given moment. I also explore circular movements (wrist circles). For the ascending arpeggio in bar 7, we begin with the elbow a little higher and further out from the body, allowing the arm to lead the hand. A thumb-under approach may well not be the best solution here, as it tends to tighten up the hand. Depending on personal preference, we can either shift the hand across at the change of position, or use a small rotation into the thumb. Rotary movements from the forearm are also essential ingredients of a fast and fluent RH.

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