Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique (Pedalling)

This chapter from Penelope Roskell’s online course, Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique, guides you through various types of pedalling. In a video of over 30 minutes with multiple camera angles, Penelope demonstrates how they create sound and atmosphere in musical examples from different periods. Topics covered include:

  • How to introduce the pedal to beginners
  • Legato pedalling and chords
  • Direct pedalling
  • Other techniques including gradual release, half damping or partial release and partially depressed pedal

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This video is a chapter from Penelope Roskell's online course Teaching Healthy, Expressive Piano Technique which features thirty-one high-quality videos (approx. 9 hrs total) and numerous musical examples showing how to teach all aspects of piano technique to students from beginner through to advanced levels. Click here to find out more about the course or click here to save 20% off the full purchase price of £125.00!