Teaching Healthy, Expressive Piano Technique (Part 2)

Finger Touch and Tone Production

Teaching Healthy Expressive Piano Technique is an online course by Penelope Roskell showing how to teach all aspects of piano technique to students from beginner through to advanced levels. Part 2 features ten high quality detailed videos (2.5 hrs of footage) showing how to use different kinds of finger touch to achieve a wide range of sounds at the piano.


  • Advice on hand and arm positioning
  • Strengthening exercises for hands, fingers and thumbs
  • Penelope’s renowned “Parachute Touch” for cantabile playing and expressive phrasing
  • Forearm staccato, legato and staccato finger touches

Bonus videos – Also included with this product is Part 1 of the course, comprising four introductory videos on the bio-mechanics of piano playing, warming-up and sitting posture.

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