Create First! Part 1 (Studio license)

Create First! uses Forrest Kinney's Pattern Play approach to provide a natural and enjoyable way to learn to improvise music at the piano. The series has an underlying structure that progressively develops musicality and a hands-on knowledge of scales, intervals, and chords. A student is introduced to these basic materials of music by first creating music with them. Rather than learn to create, one creates to learn!

This product contains a selection of 12 solo and duet works from Create First! Book 1 featuring printable scores and links to online video demonstrations:

Black Keys: Exploring Sounds, Rhythms and Elements of Musicality

  • Sunrise - A piece for beginners. It invites students to explore, move freely, and listen to tones. It doesn’t require a sense of rhythm.
  • For the Joy - The first piece in the book to explore playing with a beat.
  • Don’t Give Up! - An A natural is added to the black keys to create a blues scale. This is played with a strong rock-like beat to develop the ability to play on and then “off” the beat (syncopation).
  • Bottom Line Blues - This piece uses the same blues scale to introduce swing rhythm. This consists of playing the first eighth note in a beat longer than the second.

White Keys: Exploring Scales and Modes

  • New Day, New Way - The student plays with the first five notes of a C major scale. The harmonies in the accompaniment (which include B-flats and A-flats) are interesting and inviting.
  • Scales Dream of Melodies - This provides a musical way to introduce the C Major scale. Students can learn to play it by creating melodies rather than just playing mechanically.
  • Glimmer of Hope - This simple piece introduces the A natural minor scale.
  • Music of the Moment - This piece features both A natural minor and A harmonic minor scales so the student can really hear and feel the difference between them.
  • Kyoto - This piece explores the haunting sounds of an ancient Japanese scale. In modern musical terms, this scales uses selected notes of the Phrygian mode played on white keys.
  • Scotland - This introduces the Mixolydian mode on white keys. Later, this is contrasted with the sound of the Dorian mode on white keys.
  • Whole Lot of Weirdness - This piece introduces and explores the sounds of the wholetone scale. The sounds are always intriguing!
  • Cool - This introduces the A blues scale (all white keys with one black) and features a familiar and appealing walking bass accompaniment.

Studio license

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Create First! - Part 1 (Duets)

Create First! - Part 1 (Solos)