Read Ahead - Level 2 Complete eBook

Read Ahead is an exciting new program that helps piano students to improve their sight-reading ability. This unique curriculum is based on an extensive collection of carefully ordered compositions with related exercises and quizzes that help students develop the mental and tactile skills necessary for fluent sight-reading. There are two forms of Read Ahead: Read Ahead for iPad (requires separate, in-app purchases), and Read Ahead Hybrid which combines this book with a free phone app. The book can be used by itself, but students will have a superior experience using the book with the app which contains memory training, metronome presets, progress tracking and more. Level 2 offers 36 Lessons or Days of practice continuing where Level 1 leaves off and is suitable for students 10 years or older who have around 2 years of piano playing experience (Associated Board grades 1-2).

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