Grade 3

Anon. - Minuet in G, BWV Anh. II 116

This well-known minuet was once thought to be by JS Bach, but authorship is actually unknown. As was customary for music from this period, there are virtually no marks of articulation and no dynamic indications whatsoever. The player may want to play bars 3 and 4 as an echo of the opening two bars, but this is by no means compulsory. Other dynamics have been added by the editor and make complete musical sense. Feel free to change these around, though, and experiment with how you want to articulate the quavers and crotchets (some notes connected, others slightly separated, still others light and bouncy).

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  • This piece is available for digital download individually from the ABRSM shop here or in print as part of the Piano Exam Pieces 2023 & 2024 Grade 3 publication here.
  • Click here or here to view open domain editions for this work.

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