Grade 2

J. L. Dussek Gavotte in F

A gavotte is a pastoral folk dance in duple time that originated in France, common during the 18th century. The dance quality in this piece can be brought out by playing the crotchets detached, apart from in bar 4, etc., where a drop-roll slur is effective. Give melodic shape to the quavers lines, hiding the repeated thumb Cs in the left hand from bar 17 - 22 by playing them more softly than the other left hand notes. As with any piece of music, dynamic contrasts bring colour and variety to our sound.

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  • This piece is available for digital download individually from the ABRSM shop here or in print as part of the Piano Exam Pieces 2023 & 2024 Grade 2 publication here.
  • Click here to view open domain editions for this work.

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