Read Ahead - Level 3

Day 1

Warm-up for Passepied in C

In sight-reading, we rarely have time to work out a perfect fingering. One solution to this problem, especially in non-legato playing, is to finger in "packets" (in this case, one-measure groups), as shown in this excerpt. Practice playing all the notes of each measure together to feel the packets.

Passepied in C (George Frederic Handel)

Practice the whole piece in packets, as described above, before playing it as written. Use a non-legato (slightly detached) touch for the quarter notes in this piece.

Study in B-Flat (Ludvig Schytte)

Imagine the sound (first piano, then forte) and the character (leggiero and sempre staccato) of this piece before starting to play.

Former Friends (Béla Bartók)

The dynamic fluctuations (crecs. and dim.) are very important in this expressive piece.


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Day 2